Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte

Photo Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte

The Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte was the only book written by this author. She lived on reclusion in the Wuthering. Despite the fact that it was written in 1847, it represents many aspects of Contemporary period.

What does this book talks about?

There isn't really any obvious link between peace and this book because it traces hatred and revenge. Actually, the book was submitted on criticism due to the fact of violence and bad side of life. What this book wants to transmit.

The tolerance

During the story, the author talks about the revenge of Heathcliff who thought that his life was destroyed by Earnshaw's family, especially by Hindley and Edgard Linton who married Catherine Earnshaw, the love of his life. It demonstrates the uselessness of anger because at the end, he died thinking about the revenge and regrets and guilt.

Love can remain forever

Heathcliff, a deep lover, of Catherine since they are children, was always in love with her and ever tempted for his chance to get her. It shows that love lasts and it could be never died. However, this book demonstrates the presence of violence which is the opposite of peace.

Love can hurt if it is not balanced

Even Heathcliff was in deep love with Catherine, and didn't want to hurt her, her close people were victims because he looked for revenge to the two families that he thought destroyed his life, namely Hindley's family and Edgar Linton's too.

In the end, peace is useful and researched for everyone

Catherine married Edgar Linton. Then, she gets pregnant and gave birth to a girl named Catherine and died after.Earlier her death, she met Heathcliff and they confess each other feelings. By doing that, they get in peace for a time because truth reveals the real face of the situation and a person. In addition, truth can set be free and make a peace that each individual is looking for.

Revenge doesn't satisfy nor gives peace

After getting revenge and having the two properties of Linton and Earnshaw, Heathcliff was still not satisfied. There are two reasons: first, because her step daughter fell in love with Edgar's son, her cousin; the second reason is his revenge did not come to turn.

He would never think that Catherine, the mother, would die just after their confession of their love and gave birth of the man he hated. The book demonstrates the absence of pride and satisfaction by feeding the heart by revenge. As Prem Rawat said about the process to get peace: first of all to eliminate hatred by feeling and giving love, after the pain by having joy and to eliminate ignorance, knowing itself is necessary.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronteis a historical legend of devastating passion. It shows that no one can be satisfied unless he or she is in peace, even if before he/she wanted to get revenged as a social justice. Prem Rawat shows the path to follow to achieve peace; that is to know each self and others to be more understanding and be tolerating people.