5 Books to read about peace

Photo 5 Books to read about peace

When it comes to talking about peace, it should be considered that it's not a thin affair. Actually, several parameters should be taken into consideration. That's why books about peace exist.

What are the 5 major books about peace?

The reason why finding peace and keeping it are difficult is the way each person manages it. As it has been said, it's quite a difficult path to take. However, many authors of various areas have written about peace but these are mainly 5 famous books written about the theme.

1. The art of peace by Morihei Ueshiba

It's a book written by a Japanese who created the Aikido art and other martial arts in Japan. In this book, he explains the importance of knowing the warrior vocation, which is not about winning but the path to compassion, wisdom, fearlessness and the love of nature. His book explains that being aware of that makes the path more peaceful and helps avoid violence. It was written to contrast "The art of war", written by another Japanese author.

2. My non-violence by Mahatma Gandhi

Who doesn't know Gandhi and his peaceful mind and reaction? This leader has inspired many people through his actions and also his book of "non-violence". He is the symbol of this way of living. In his books, he explains better that peace is the need for each person because it symbolizes human aspect; however, violence represents the crude side of human beings, which can be associated with animals. Gandhi shows that peace sprouts from non-violence in each person.

3. The power of compassion by Dalai Lama

As a living peace legend, Dalai Lama remains he first who can be taken as a reference. He is a famous author who was written many books about peace, the way to reach it and its benefits. What sets this book apart is the way the author talks about individual need. He highlights the value and importance of compassion for each individual in order to be at peace but also to spread peace, to surrender.

Compassion is important, according to him, because it leads to an understanding mind which can take each person to do a good action. By this way, peace can be spread easily. An ambassador of peace has followed this action to spread peace: Prem Rawat. He is convinced that peace is important to everyone and delivers lectures about this theme around the world.

4. The moral imagination: the art and soul for building peace John Paul Lederach

The title is speaking as itself. It is a "must" for everyone who wants to build peace and make it as a way of living. A great author who has always been working in peace building, Lederach's texts talk about the way to build peace around oneself. It's a larger vision of individual peace, about the art of building it. As an abstractive thing, peace is built by the way every individual conceives it. And this book can be a reference for those who are looking for community peace.

5. Peace and conflict studies

It's a book about peace values which are meant to land in students' hands to inculcate them the importance of peace. In addition, the author tends to emphasize the importance of going through conflicts to reach peace. The aim of the book is to make people avoid conflict to have peace. It's a comprehensible story because in this aspect, it doesn't accuse people in conflicts but helps them.

This way of thinking joins Prem Rawat's vision which is showing the difficulty of getting peace. Peace is not affordable and not accessible to everyone, unless each person makes efforts. A kind of advice is wrapped up in these books.